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Novomatic Italy now has about 4,000 employees, 3 main offices in Italy, numerous smaller offices and is active throughout the country, including the islands. The company, a market leader in the gaming industry, is the Italian subsidiary of Austria’s Novomatic AG, one of the largest international manufacturers and operators of gaming technology active in 100 countries and with nearly 25,000 employees worldwide.


The challenge

Novomatic’s CyberSecurity Awareness sensitivity is very high, not only because the company has to manage so much technology but also because it has to comply with strict compliance rules, as far as legal gaming is concerned, which are subject to the control of the Customs and Monopolies Agency in Italy. Moreover, as the company also has a payment institution (Admiral Pay) in-house, it is subject to Bank of Italy controls.


The solution

Novomatic Italy has chosen Cyber Guru for its training formula, which is ideal for really changing the approach to the subject: short training pills, well manageable in a workday, and keeping the focus on security always on. Compared with other platforms tested, Cyber Guru showed strengths in continuing education and great manageability of training sessions.

With Cyber Guru came the results sought and expected for years

It only takes one wrong click to ruin corporate business. And when there are thousands of employees, the risk is very high. For this Novomatic Italy chose Cyber Guru after experimenting with several of the world’s leading training platforms. “A choice that turned out to be excellent and gave us incredible results in a short time,” says Pasquale Salerno, Ciso of Novomatic Italia.

Since its inception in Italy in 2007, the company has been equipped with a strong protective structure… In addition to this, it has turned to the most renowned international training platforms to strengthen the awareness of the thousands of employees who perform a wide variety of functions (cooks, drivers, technical staff, administrative staff, managers, etc.).

“But the results were not satisfactory,” Salerno says. “I didn’t see enough involvement from the staff, so much so that our percentage of serial clickers, despite all the attention put in place, was still at a very high level, if we think that the human factor is still the one linked to the highest risk of Cyber attacks.”

Exacerbating matters was the revolution brought about by the pandemic that transformed the way we work.


With Cyber Guru, the CISO group saw the long-awaited and sought-after results coming in a short time.

“As early as the second month of using the platform,” Salerno says, “we saw a steep drop in the percentage that we were so afraid of. We went from an initial percentage of Serial Clickers close to 50 percent to less than 5 percent and in the following months this continued to decline, traveling on an average of 1-2%. A truly extraordinary achievement“.

The strength of Cyber Guru compared to other platforms, for Pasquale Salerno, lies precisely in the training modality that takes into account the different approaches to a subject that is often considered hostile.

“We really liked,” Salerno says, “the use of avatars with Artificial Intelligence and the profiling of users into 3 categories, the result of combining the results of various tests done over the months with the results of phishing activities.”

In addition, Novomatic complements the modules offered by the platform with in-person workshop sessions focused on key deficiencies or critical issues, which are also used to further raise awareness of the use of the platform.

So much so that the first year ended with 95 percent staff participation. “An excellent result,” Salerno says, “because we have greatly lowered the human factor risk index. However, this does not mean that we should be lulled on our laurels because we know that a single resource, with incorrect or unaware behavior can create enormous damage.”

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