Cyber Security Awareness

The weak link in the Cyber Security Chain is human behaviour!

Cyber Guru is the first line of Cyber Security Awareness solutions that relies on the human factor to increase the level of security of individuals and organizations. Cyber Guru solutions use stimulating and educational learning paths to cater to those who do not hold specialized roles in Cyber Security.

In Cyber Security, human behavior can be a more effective deterrent than technology. The unaware behavior in their interaction with digital technologies and the Web can seriously jeopardize their safety and the organization.

Cyber Guru is a unique and highly effective programme that fights cybercrime by focusing on the human factor as the key to success.


  • Because it exceeds the limitations of traditional training, which has a short-term learning effect and cannot keep up with the rapid evolution of attack techniques.
  • Because it uses continuous education and repetitive interactive training to increase the awareness and identification of threats.
  • Because it involves the entire organization in an educational path, increasing its overall resilience to cyber-attacks.
  • Because it has the specific goal of risk reduction.
  • Because it doesn’t impose a rigid approach on the user but instead seeks to continuously improve the quality of interaction while focusing on personal benefits.

the cyber security awareness platform

An integrated e-learning system that involves the whole organization in an educational and stimulating learning process

An innovative e-learning platform with an anti-phishing function using on-the-job training methodology, automation, and machine learning

A video training path based on an inductive methodology and realized with advanced production techniques and an engaging storytelling

A complete and synergistic program of Cyber Security Awareness that operates on both the awareness level and the behavioural level

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A complete platform to maximize training effectiveness

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, an effective defence against these threats implies a constant update on new developments... 

The Cyber Guru platform offers additional ready-to-use training tools that constantly update the evolution of threats... 

Customer success management assists the organization throughout the training path to promote maximum training effectiveness...

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