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Romance Scam? Rare phenomenon but what worries most people are "online flirting with strangers"


In one of the most romantic periods of the year, Cyber Guru, a Security Awareness Training platform, wanted to investigate beyond Romance Scams to understand if, in this era where people are now used to forming relationships and new friendships online, even with complete strangers, they may be risking a little too much…

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Romance Scam? Rare phenomenon but what worries most people are “online flirting with strangers”

52% of those interviewed would not be able to distinguish the profile of a virtual influencer from a real one, and 13% admitted to exchanging photos and music files with complete strangers.


Cybersécurité : l’italien Cyber Guru arrive à Casablanca

Depuis son bureau au ​​​​​​Campus Cyber de Paris, l’éditeur italien Cyber ​​​​​​Guru déploie son initiative régionale pour l’Afrique et le Moyen-Orient à partir de Casablanca.


The Roman Cyber Guru lands in Paris
The company, born in 2017 and grown at record speed, has among its clients ministries, companies like Tim and Pirelli, but also Armani and Serie A companies. The hacker does not attack a company. The hacker always attacks the man. And in 95% of violations, an economic loss is recorded as a consequence.
CyberGuru: Italian-made awareness lands in Paris

CyberGuru’s awareness platform evolves thanks to a machine learning engine that automates the learning process and lands in Paris at the Cyber Campus.


Cyber Guru, defense against cyber piracy taught…

A new platform for employee training against the most sophisticated cyber attacks developed by the specialized company in security awareness training with headquarters in Rome and offices distributed between Milan, Paris, and Spain

If crime becomes digital and cunning, the solution…

A high level of awareness and full understanding of the risks, spread among all employees, as well as a response capability to different types of attacks tailored to each individual, represent the only answer to create an impenetrable barrier against any criminal hacker. Here’s why

Summer holidays and technology: let’s protect our devices like this…

Lock doors and windows, set the alarm, and maybe ask a neighbor to check on your house from time to time. Are these precautionary behaviors to protect our home when we go on vacation, but do we do the same with personal and company devices that are always with us?

Defending against ChatGPT: you need to change your mindset
According to the Italian Cyber Guru, in order to defend themselves from ChatGPT and chatbots, companies must start from a new “company culture”.
The public debate on how to defend oneself from ChatGPT, the chatbot based on AI and machine learning launched by OpenAI, does not stop. A few months after its launch, this tool has caused chaos due to scammers who are exploiting its ingenuity to deceive users and obtain illicit gains.


Deepfake Phishing, what it is and how to counter the risks

The attack technique that exploits videos and audio created by artificial intelligence allows criminal hackers to deceive victims and steal sensitive information. Here’s how to defend yourself…

Training as a weapon against cyber attacks in the public administration

The Customs and Monopolies Agency chooses Cyber Guru to develop cyber awareness among over 10,000 employees through an interactive, effective, and also fun training program

I thought it was love, instead it was a Coral

Episode of the Coral Snake Social Club dedicated to romantic scams (love scam) and blackmail carried out through emotional connections on social networks. Our guest is…

Valentine’s Day: beware of “romantic” scams!

Every year, Valentine’s Day reminds all singles of the happiness they could aspire to if only they were lucky enough to meet their better half. And there are organizations, even structured ones, that have turned other people’s loneliness and romanticism into a business.

The winter sales have started, a tempting opportunity for cyber criminals…

The end-of-season sales are coming, which have already started in most of the Peninsula. Thanks to the opportunities generated by e-commerce, it will be even easier to take advantage of discounts for convenient purchases; however, it will be equally easy to fall into real scams organized by cyber criminals.


Cyber Guru: advice and best practices for Christmas shopping…

The approach of the Christmas holidays also marks the beginning of one of the periods in which the search for objects and products to give to loved ones reaches very high levels. Thanks to the presence and continuous growth of e-commerce, giving gifts quickly and conveniently has become increasingly easier.


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