Who is Cyber Guru?

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Transforming users’ behaviour

from a weak link in the chain of defence to the first line of defence against cyber crime

Our aim is to increase the level of security of individuals and organisations, following paths of lifelong learning capable of developing the ability in each individual to operate in the digital world with safe behaviour, guided by greater awareness.

“From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to creating training programmes that users really feel involved in, recognising the practical benefits for them and their organisation”.

Gianni Baroni
Cyber Guru CEO


Our story



The foundation of Cyber Guru

Cyber Guru was founded in Italy in 2017 to respond to the needs of a large Italian bank that had realised that, to protect itself more effectively against cyberattacks, it had to work on the human element that had been identified as the weak link in the defensive chain. However, their research into the main Cybersecurity Awareness solutions then on the market had highlighted their significant limitations in terms of their potential effectiveness and complexity.

Starting with the bank’s specific need, by the end of 2019 the Cyber Guru platform had already become a comprehensive and highly effective programme, within in a short time becoming one of the leaders in the Cyber Security Awareness sector for the entire Italian market.



The transformation




2021 marked two important milestones. The successful closing of the first round of financing of EUR 3.6 million with two funds specialising in early stage companies, P101 Ventures and Adara Ventures, and the doubling of turnover, accompanied by significant growth in the market.

The client portfolio now comprises more than 430 organisations, including major companies in both the public and private sectors, with a complete cross-section in terms of both product sectors and size, which have placed their trust in Cyber Guru’s training programmes. A 2023 that will see Cyber Guru strengthen its presence in the country, and aim for international expansion in France and Spain.



The latest news


We believe humanity is based on honesty, dignity and respect. That is why we always keep our promises and expect others to do the same.

Cyber Guru
Core Values


Our passion drives us to excellence, combining sharp minds and caring hearts.


Via neuroscience, tech and listening to our clients we shape innovative solutions to serve the safety of people in an ever more complex and evolving digital world.


Together with our client we create a relationship built on trust and care. We understand each other and are willing to do everything to arrive at our joint destination.


Everybody has talents and gifts. It’s up to all of us to create a deep sense of belonging and engagement, to fully release these gifts and exceed expectations.

Cyber Guru Academy: content that makes a difference

Creating, designing and producing training content that generates interest, involvement and motivation to learn is a daily challenge for the Cyber Guru Academy department. Because it is now clear that a highly engaging platform and a multitude of content is not enough to train people to defend themselves against cybercrime. Designing and implementing genuinely effective educational programs requires the conversion of technological content into material that facilitates learning for everyone, even those with a complex relationship with technology.

This transformation process can only be achieved if you have 5 very solid skills in the following areas: Cybersecurity, Psychology, Andragogy, Communication, and Multimedia.

Academy Content


Security and quality

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Cyber Guru ISO Certification

CSAT Leader

These companies use Front’s native CSAT feature and have achieved world-class customer satisfaction scores that far exceed industry benchmarks. Collectively, this class of winners have averages of 96% CSAT and 230k survey responses.

Cyber Guru is prominently featured on the Gartner Peer Insights portal

Reliability and Security for IT-based Public Services

Cyber Guru is included in the ACN catalog of digital infrastructures and Cloud services

Data Protection




Green Awareness

We believe that the commitment to protecting the environment has to be made by every one of us. We can all contribute to sustainable development, every day and in our own small way. We may not be able to see into the future, but we can actively contribute to creating a better world by protecting our ecosystem.

Gianni Baroni
Cyber Guru CEO