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Green awareness

A small action can have a big impact!

We chose to plant trees because they absorb CO₂ and provide crucial habitats for many animals. We believe that the commitment to environmental protection depends on all of us and that each of us, every day in our own small way, can contribute to sustainable development, because we cannot stop the future, but we can actively contribute to creating a better world, protecting our ecosystem.

Cit. Gianni Baroni,
Cyber Guru CEO

We deal with Cyber Security Awareness because we are convinced that a safer world is certainly a better world. But we are also aware that in order to secure our planet, we must all contribute to making it greener and more inclusive. That’s why we decided to work with Treedom.

By participating in the Treedom project, we are proud to say that every day, Cyber Guru contributes:

  • to making individuals’ digital behaviours safer,
  • to protecting the planet,
  • to ensuring prosperity for all in the context of a new sustainable development agenda.
Green awareness

Why Treedom?

Treedom directly finances small agroforestry projects spread throughout the territory. Treedom’s philosophy is to create sustainable ecosystems and enable thousands of farmers to cope with the initial costs of planting new trees, guaranteeing food sovereignty and income opportunities over time.

  • Planting a tree means:
  • CO2 absorption on a global scale
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Countering soil erosion and desertification
  • Reforestation

Our commitment in the world

Aware of what would happen if everyone planted a tree


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