Cyber Card #19 – Pharming Infographic

Card/Cyber Card
6 October 2021

Pharming, a neologism based on the words “farming” and “phishing”, is a very devious technique that substitutes an address on a legitimate website without the victim’s knowledge, and redirects the victim to a malicious site. This can happen without the user realising that they have been diverted to a fake website, which appears to be absolutely identical to the legitimate one.

Indeed, by using malware or a Trojan previously installed on the device, a hacker can redirect the user to a malicious website, even if the user has typed the correct name in the browser address bar. This technique is widely used by cyber criminals to obtain sensitive information, such as bank data, access credentials or to spread malware.

This infographic provides some useful information on how to recognise and avoid it!


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