Cyber Card #02 – Phishing: 5 practical suggestions

Card/Cyber Card
14 June 2019
This Cyber Card offers 5 practical tips to defend against Phishing, one of the most widespread Cyberattack techniques.

Pay attention to the content of the email, be cautious if:

  1. A sense of pressure and urgency – Cyber criminals normally rely on a sense of pressure and urgency to prompt instinctive and immediate action.
  2. Unexpected communication – The email often contains unexpected information with an unusual request. The format is unusual, even when it comes from an apparently known sender.
  3. Sender Address – The sender’s address often contains errors, including that of coming from a generic address, or from foreign addresses.
  4. Spelling errors – Mass emails (spray phishing) often contain spelling mistakes, which are the result of rough translations. The opening formulas are generic, such as “dear customer”.
  5. Malicious links – Phishing emails induce people to click on links with anomalies: the “visible” link often does not coincide with the “real” link and the real link points to sites other than the “expected” ones.

Keep following our Cards, you will find some simple tips to defend yourself against Cyber Crime!

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