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Founded in Turin in 1828, Società Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, parent company of Reale Group, is the largest Italian company operating as a mutual insurance company: it has more than 360 agencies distributed throughout Italy and more than 1.4 million Shareholders/Policyholders, and is active in non-life, motor, life and pension insurance. Reale Group is an international and multiservice Group operating in Italy, Spain and Chile through its parent company Società Reale Mutua Assicurazioni.


The challenge

Reale Mutua is very aware of cybersecurity training because its mutual nature focuses on protecting the interests of policyholders, who are also shareholders in the mutual company, and on continuously improving the services offered to them, in terms of the quality level of services and assistance. In this respect, data security and confidentiality of information is a key issue.


The solution

The exponential increase in cyber risk has led Reale Mutua to adopt a more structured platform to increase the level of awareness and security of internal users. Compared to the previous version, a dynamic and automatic platform can save the time needed to carry out phishing campaigns and the use of internal resources delegated to follow the training programme.

Reale Mutua’s cybersecurity culture grows with Cyber Guru

Reale Mutua has always been attentive to cybersecurity training because, as Alfredo Robusto, Information Security manager at Reale Mutua, explains, “for an insurance company, data security and information confidentiality are a fundamental issue. In fact, we have a number of awareness campaigns for our employees. Nevertheless, the exponential increase in cyber risk has prompted us to adopt a more structured platform to increase the level of awareness and security of our internal users, and as a result, of the data processed on behalf of our policyholders”.

“In fact”, Robusto explains, “it has contributed significantly to raising awareness on the issue of online scams. In fact, the platform has an AI engine that allows the customisation of the emails that are sent according to the level of skill reached by the user. In essence, the more skilled one becomes, the greater the degree of difficulty. But that’s not all. The emails are not sent to everyone at the same time, but are sent in a fragmented manner over the course of a month, preventing “word of mouth” between colleagues. The Channel videos, the other module we implemented, have also been very popular, improving our cyber attack readiness”. Once the set-up is complete, the Cyber Guru platform is fully automated. “Before, it was managed manually, which was more time-consuming and required more internal resources”, adds Claudia Napoli, Information Security and Data Protection Manager – DPO at Reale Mutua. “The Cyber Guru system, in contrast, is extremely dynamic and offers unparalleled firepower compared to the systems we had before. Not only that. Being an international group, we were also able to use the Spanish version, which is also used in South America”.

Reale Mutua

Results achieved

The project was launched in September 2022 and is still ongoing. The results have been highly satisfactory. “In less than a year, we have seen a sharp decrease in clicks on suspicious emails and a significant improvement in the timeliness of the first alert. The platform also provides excellent statistical support, which allows us to understand the evolution of the project over time. Accordingly, we are confident that the path we have embarked on must continue in order to keep our attention high, including through innovative communication methods”, states Alfredo Robusto.

For example, via the company intranet, Reale Mutua publishes a weekly post on the cyber theme, referencing all training campaigns. Furthermore, says Robusto, “successful live events have been organised, which have also been attended by Maurizio Zacchi, Marketing Manager and Director of the Cyber Guru Academy”.

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