ICOS S.p.A. – Cyber Guru: strategic distribution agreement signed

14 February 2024

The arrival of the Security Awareness Training platform that significantly improves the security of users’ digital posture.

Ferrara, 14 February 2024ICOS, a value-added distributor of IT infrastructure and security solutions, and Cyber Guru, the most effective security awareness platform, announce that they have signed the distribution agreement for Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

A joint action plan to promote the competitiveness of companies, thanks to the constant updating and improvement of personalised and adaptive training programmes, the subject of Cyber Guru’s offer,an offer that can increase the level of protection of users and organisations, both public and private, helping to create a widespread culture of cybersecurity. Focusing on the responsible adoption of digital technologies, training programmes facilitate compliance with market standards and frameworks, as well as European and industry regulations. This is the objective of the agreement signed by Federico Marini, Managing Director of ICOS S.p.A., and Vittorio Bitteleri, Country Manager of Cyber Guru Italia, a company focused on the topic of Cyber Security Awareness.

By relying on ICOS, Cyber Guru is choosing a solid and reliable partner that is able to support the growth of the business in the Italian and foreign markets.

Thanks to its SaaS platform and its training courses based on an exclusive methodological approach, Cyber Guru, which was founded in Italy in 2017, offers a highly effective Cyber Security Awareness training platform, aimed at transforming the human factor from a weak link in the defence chain to the first line of defence against cybercrime. Three training courses in a single complete training platform, designed to maximise the effectiveness of learning processes and consolidate over time the awareness necessary to face the continuous evolution of attack techniques used by cyber criminals.

Cyber Guru Awareness, Cyber Guru Phishing and Cyber Guru Channel, based on a continuous training methodology, ensure the gradual development of awareness through knowledge of network threats and the behaviours to be adopted to prevent cyber attacks.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification are just some of the features that make the experience of using the Cyber Guru platform unique.

Federico Marini, Managing Director of ICOS, commented on the agreement, stating: “In an increasingly complex and hostile landscape, we believe that digital security is fundamental for the competitiveness and resilience of companies. Cyber Guru’s approach to cybersecurity through education and training is revolutionary. This agreement will allow us to offer our partners security solutions based on the empowerment of people.”

“We are very proud of this collaboration with a distributor like ICOS which, with its strong focus on cybersecurity, will allow us to reach new milestones. Together, we will be able to seize new market opportunities, aware that security awareness training is now a priority for all organisations,”said Vittorio Bitteleri, Country Manager of Cyber Guru Italia.

ICOS, thanks to the expertise of its structure and its orientation towards providing valuable solutions, will provide Cyber Guru with the experience of a technical team that is skilled in the management and distribution of advanced services and solutions, providing new business opportunities to partners who want to source the Cyber Guru offer through ICOS.

To explore product features, benefits and how to partner with ICOS and Cyber Guru, retailers can now visit the website www.icos.it.

What is Cyber Guru?

Cyber Guru offers a highly effective Cyber Security Awareness training platform that is capable of increasing the level of protection of individuals and organisations through the correct use of digital technologies. The training courses apply advanced knowledge of cybersecurity, psychology, andragogy, communication and multimedia, ensuring users a truly effective and engaging training that can transform their behaviours. Over 500 public- and private-sector companies in Italy have already placed their trust in Cyber Guru, which is also currently present in Spain and France.

About ICOS

ICOS is the Value Added Distributor (VAD) offering channel partners IT solutions and services designed to successfully address the most complex business challenges. The company provides a full range of solutions in the areas of cyber security, IT infrastructure and cloud solutions. Thanks to numerous valuable partnerships, ICOS offers a complete set of solutions for the needs of organisations, ranging from SMEs and large enterprises, integrating them with technical, marketing and training services. With offices in Ferrara, Milan and Bolzano, ICOS operates throughout the Italian national territory and in the DACH region, through its Munich branch. Learn more at www.icos.it.

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