Cyber Guru: Made in Italy innovation tackles increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks

2 October 2023
Cyber Guru 2.0


Cyber Guru’s anti-phishing training for employees is “tailored” with personalized simulations based on an exclusive adaptive and automated Machine Learning model.
Thanks to continuous innovation in 2022, Cyber Guru achieved a remarkable 171% increase in annual recurring revenue compared to 2021.


During the Cybertech Europe Cyber Guru, an Italian firm specialising in Security Awareness Training announces the launch of a new version of its platform. This latest iteration is designed to enhance its user-friendliness and efficiency in equipping professionals of all kinds to resist increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.

The recent CRIF Cyber Observatory shows that Italy is at the Top5 for theft of email accounts. This phenomenon highlights the vulnerability of citizens and businesses in terms of IT security and the need for ad hoc training to counter cyber-attacks. In the business context, the human element is the main responsible for IT breaches, with 3 out of 4 incidents, leading to financial losses in almost all (95%) occasions.

To turn this “weak link” in the defensive chain into the primary line of defence within companies, Cyber Guru evolves its offering by introducing an exclusive adaptive Machine Learning model that allows the Phishing program to simulate increasingly personalized and targeted attacks aimed at testing the resilience of each individual while training them to identify and counter ever more sophisticated phishing attempts.

Based on continuously updated training data, the model automatically analyses the best attack simulation for each specific user using its predictive analysis.

Designed to increase the resilience of professionals who follow the programme, this algorithm was developed in-house by the R&D division of Cyber Guru, under the responsibility of Leonida Gianfagna, Director of R&D and Machine Learning Researcher at Cyber Guru, who commented:

We constantly work on the performance of our platform because we know that cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated in trying to circumvent security systems; our goal is to train users to recognize the traps of social engineering. Many companies and institutions in Italy, and of late, abroad, have chosen our solutions because they understand the value of a constantly evolving technology to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Those who chose us contributed to the growth and improvement of Cyber Guru, which in 2022 achieved a 171% increase in annual recurring revenue compared to 2021.”


The experience with the new platform is really positive and absolutely in line with our need to stay up-to-date on the evolution of cyber risks and keep the level of attention high. The interactivity of the modules of the new Campus training programme, the appealing interface and the fully adaptive phishing campaigns are the perfect choice to keep the level of involvement of every employee high, because everyone, if not properly trained, can unwittingly become the weak link in the defensive chain. We confirm our excellent evaluation of the service again this year.

Lucrezia Magarotto

Human Resources and Communication Office, Solution Bank


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