Cyber Guru, the Made in Italy Security Awareness Training platform, opens in Paris at Campus Cyber

15 November 2023
Campus Cyber

Cyber Guru’s French hub is inaugurated today at Campus Cyber, the cybersecurity and innovation technology hub, commissioned by Macron

Founded in Rome just six years ago, the company had already achieved a 171% increase in annual recurring revenues in 2022 compared to 2021, and is now reinforcing its presence in Europe

Cyber Guru’s French hub is inaugurated today, a Security Awareness Training platform born in Rome, which after significant growth in our country exports its Made in Italy training platform to Europe. The opening of the Paris office is a milestone that further strengthens the expansion strategy already started in 2022.

Today, cybersecurity is among the most important areas to be monitored to guarantee the future of a company, and among the most strategic for the economic growth of each country. As 3 out of every 4 incidents are caused by human intervention, which on almost all occasions (95%) results in economic losses, software solutions are not enough.
The SaaS platform on which Cyber Guru offers its training is based on methodological paths that train people on cognitive-behavioural aspects, engaging resources through gamification and entertaining them, so that the training can be decisive. The purpose of this training is to modify the behaviours of individuals to increase the level of protection of organisations, transforming the digital user from a weak link to the first line of defence against Cybercrime.

There are over 400 companies and administrations that have chosen Cyber Guru, and over 62 countries where the platform has been used to “train” their employees through increasingly sophisticated simulation models adapted to the actual cyber threats in circulation. The opening in Paris represents not only an important consolidation of the French market, it is also a location to reach all French-speaking countries, where the platform can be used in the training of personnel. At the helm of the transalpine branch will be Abdel Kander, Country Manager for France, who has more than 25 years of experience in the digital domain, particularly in the field of technological innovation and startups, both in the commercial and engineering sectors.

“Ours is a constantly evolving ‘product’: the training platform is perpetually updated with increasingly sophisticated and adaptive attack simulation models based on machine learning and AI. We chose Kander as manager for France precisely because of his multifaceted profile that combines the roles of manager, industry expert and sales expert, which will allow us to consolidate Cyber Guru on the French and French-speaking markets,”, says Gianni Baroni, CEO of Cyber Guru, who continues – “Being part of Campus Cyber, a centre of excellence for the most innovative cybersecurity, will allow Cyber Guru to flourish in a highly stimulating environment for future integrations to our platform and potential collaborations with companies that are part of the European cybersecurity elite“.

At the inaugural event in Paris, Brig. Gen. Vincenzo Falzarano and Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Marchi of the Italian Air Force will speak about why Cyber Guru was chosen to train both military and civilian personnel and also contribute to increasing the cybersecurity of a sector that is both strategic and fundamental to national security.

The Cyber Guru hub in Paris is located at the Cyber Campus at la Défense, a centre of excellence devoted to cybersecurity, created to gather together the main national and international players in the sector. Campus Cyber, commissioned by President Emmanuel Macron, brings together companies (large groups, SMEs), public administrations, training and research companies and associations on the same site to develop the cybersecurity community further and to establish synergies between these different players.


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