Lidera and Cyber Guru sign distribution agreement for Spain and Portugal

20 March 2023

Madrid, 6 March 2023, Lidera and Cyber Guru announce distribution agreement for Spain and Portugal

Lidera, a company incorporated under Spanish law active in the deployment of software solutions in the field of cyber security, and Cyber Guru, a company focused on the theme of Cyber Security Awareness, have signed a distribution agreement for Spain and Portugal, according to which Lidera will provide the channel with all the training solutions present in the Cyber Guru offer.

Founded in 1999, Lidera is now active in the cybersecurity field in its reference markets – Spain, Portugal and Brazil – distributing innovative technological solutions to service providers, telecommunications companies and IT companies in all sectors. With a branch in Portugal and more than 2,000 active partners, Lidera relies on the expertise of the two owner partners and 38 highly specialised collaborators.

Cyber Guru, with its solutions, aims to increase the level of protection of users and organisations, public and private, helping to create a widespread culture of cybersecurity and ensuring innovative training platforms and training in the field of Cyber Security Awareness.
The three solutions offered, Cyber Guru Awareness, Cyber Guru Phishing and Cyber Guru Channel, enable organisations to train their employees on the proper use of digital technologies, thereby reducing risk exposure for the entire organisation.

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