Cyber Card #05 – Cyber Security Awareness Month

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15 October 2019
October is “Cyber Security Awareness Month“. With Cyber Card #5, we would like to provide you with some practical tips on how to fight cyber crime by adopting conscious behaviour:

  • Beware of phishing: beware of emails asking for sensitive information
  • Beware of links and attachments: avoid clicking on links or opening attachments from suspicious emails

  • Be wary of unprotected WiFi: avoid using open WiFi networks in order to avoid falling victim to cyber criminals

  • Update your antivirus: in order for there to be no way in for cyber crime

  • Updated software and Apps: close all doors, including those unintentionally offered by software and apps by keeping them up to date
  • Use strong passwords: use passwords that are difficult to guess and use different ones for different accounts and apps.


Keep following our Cards to learn some simple tips to defend yourself against Cyber Crime!


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