E-learning: the personalized approach of the Grimaldi Group.

Grimaldi Group


The Grimaldi Group is now the leading Italian shipping group and the world’s top operator in maritime transport of cars and rolling cargo, as well as the European leader in Motorways of the Sea. Furthermore, the Group manages a network of port terminals and logistics companies, creating an integrated logistics chain for both passenger and freight transportation.

The challenge

Finding a balance between digital innovation and security, while keeping up with the evolution of the business, is extremely important today. This is especially true considering that Grimaldi Group’s ships are at the forefront in terms of sustainability, but also increasingly “digital” and therefore vulnerable from a cybersecurity perspective. The mission is to maintain the infrastructure that supports the business.


The solution

Cyber Guru was definitely the most appropriate choice for the Group, as it achieves the goal of strengthening everyone’s digital posture through a streamlined and easily accessible training path. The traditional approach of long and boring frontal lessons was not suitable for a young and informal user base because it was ineffective, demanding, and frustrating.

The Neapolitan multinational company is investing in cybersecurity awareness by utilizing the services provided by Cyber Guru

«The main headquarters is in Naples, and from here we provide most of the IT services to the 7 companies of the Grimaldi Group, making us vulnerable to various types of attacks and threats, including phishing and hacking aimed at causing disruptions.» – Luigi Cavucci, Information Security Officer at Grimaldi Group, declares.

“Our mission is to preserve our business-supporting infrastructure, which plays an increasingly important role at the operational level. The challenge lies in finding a balance between digital innovation and security, keeping up with the evolution of the business. Our ships are at the forefront in terms of sustainability but are also becoming more and more “digital” and therefore vulnerable from a cybersecurity perspective. In this context, raising awareness about cybersecurity among staff is crucial. Over time, we have evaluated various solutions, however, the enterprise approach proposed by Cyber Guru has proven to be the best choice for managing our campaigns.”


The significance of gamification

«Our staff is showing a particularly high level of attention – says Cavucci. The program is generating great interest, curiosity, and even a certain fear towards threats, whose dangers were often ignored before accessing the training. The main advantages are twofold. From a technical-organizational point of view, the platform is automated and does not require specific skills. Furthermore, Cyber Guru provides a consulting service always available for any need, ideal for those realities that do not have dedicated resources. The second advantage lies in the very formula of the program, extremely engaging and captivating. The use of gaming and, consequently, of scores, levels, and badges makes the experience very fun and engaging».

Gamification makes the program offered by Cyber Guru more engaging and also helps to promote a culture of awareness. «We are also considering adding a final prize to reward the effort of the teams that have been formed in each office and actively participate in the challenges proposed by the modules», Cavucci reveals.

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