Cyber Guru: Dave Kellogg, new Member of the Board of Directors

7 November 2022

Press Release

Rome, 8 November 2022Cyber Guru, the most effective Cybersecurity Awareness training platform that enables companies to increase their resilience to cyber threats by changing employee behaviour, today announced the appointment of Dave Kellogg, who joins the Board of Directors.

Throughout his career, Dave Kellogg has held leadership and strategic roles in the enterprise software industry. He is currently Executive in Residence at Balderton Capital and author of Kellblog, an influential blog dedicated to enterprise software.

He has been a board member of several SaaS scale-ups, such as Alation, Granular, Nuxeo, Profisee, Scoro and SMA Technologies. As an operations executive, Kellogg has served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of’s Service Cloud business unit, CEO of Host Analytics and MarkLogic, and CMO at Business Objects. He holds a degree in geophysics and applied mathematics from Berkeley, the renowned Californian university.

Public and private organisations, regardless of their size, are at risk of being hit by an ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, which target employees through social engineering techniques. Unfortunately, these cannot be stopped simply by implementing firewalls, antivirus software and other technologies,” says Gianni Baroni, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Guru. “As the vectors and complexity of these threats increase, companies must train their employees to be the first line of defence, minimising the impact on productivity and security. By appointing Dave Kellogg to our Board of Directors, Cyber Guru welcomes a figure who will bring solid experience gained in an international context in the field of enterprise software. As we continue to expand the team with the goal of expanding into Europe, this appointment is also intended to foster capitalisation in a fast-growing market.”.

To effectively improve the level of security, cyber security officers must balance their investments between hardware/software and end-user training. Although technology can do much to counter ‘technical’ threats, humans remain the weakest link in any organisation and are therefore the preferred target of cyber criminals,” says Dave Kellogg. “To improve employees’ awareness and resilience against increasingly sophisticated attacks, it is essential to invest in cybersecurity training courses that are engaging, effective and can lead to a real improvement in companies’ level of protection. Cyber Guru’s training platform is proven to offer concrete solutions to these challenges, and I look forward to working with this team, which is motivated by so much talent and passion, and support them in accelerating their market expansion”.


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