Cyber Card #03 – Business mail compromise or CEO scam

Card/Cyber Card
10 August 2019
This Cyber Card suggests practical tips to avoid falling victim to the CEO Scam, one of the most widespread cyberattack techniques.

The CEO or business email compromise scam is an increasingly effective and widespread online scam that causes financial damage, some of it very high, to the organisation that suffers it.

The scam takes shape according to a well-known plot:

  1. an organisation’s email account is compromised by a cyber criminal
  2. the scammer sends an employee an email that apparently comes from a senior figure in the organisation
  3. in the email, the scammer tricks the employee into making an urgent cash payment or sending sensitive information

It is important in such cases to defend oneself against fraud:

  1. Have a wise and cautious attitude
  2. Never act in an impulsive manner
  3. Verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the request
  4. Remember that pressure and urgency are often the first indicators of a scam

Keep following our Cards, you will find some simple tips to defend yourself against Cyber Crime!


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