Cyber Card #01 – Phishing: if you recognise it, you can avoid it

Cyber Card
13 June 2019
This Cyber Card is dedicated to Phishing, one of the most widespread Cyberattack techniques. What can you do to defend yourself against email Phishing and avoid becoming a victim of these attacks?

Phishing is the most widespread cyberattack techniques, using email as the main medium of distribution.

In a nutshell, the criminals send an email with misleading content inviting the recipient to perform an action (often a request to click on a link) with the expectation that the recipient will gain an advantage or avoid an unpleasant situation.

If the recipient succumbs to the deception and performs the requested action, then cyber criminals gain a real “fraudulent” advantage, which can cause harm directly to the recipient of the email or to the organisation in which he/she works.

The main aims of these criminal activities are of three types:

    • scams of various kinds, often resulting in financial damage
    • theft of sensitive information, which is necessary to carry out a cyberattack
    • the distribution of malware, which, depending on their nature, can cause various types of damage

Follow our Cards and we will show you some simple tricks to defend yourself against Cyber Crime!


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