Cyber Card #17 – Public Wi-Fi: always use with caution

Card/Cyber Card
16 June 2021

Public Wi-Fi is definitely widespread, free of charge and available in restaurants, hotels, airports, bookshops and even in some shops, allowing people to freely connect to their digital world. But this freedom comes at a price, and there are many risks associated with such connections.

Free Wi-Fi is naturally highly attractive to hackers, who have the incredible opportunity to freely access unprotected devices connected to the same network. Cyber criminals can get between connected users and the Wi-Fi hotspot and as a result, capture all information and data passing through it.

Learning to protect oneself is therefore crucial for our own security and that of our network.

Cyber Card #17 provides simple insights into the risks and useful tips to follow…

not to become “unwitting” victims of cyber crime.

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