Cyber Card #16 – Trojans: why a click can be dangerous

Card/Cyber Card
22 April 2021

A cyberattack can affect anyone. Sometimes all it takes is a simple click to open the door for a virus such as Trojan Horse, which can be silent for long periods before activating and propagating itself within the networks to which you are connected. Once installed, the Trojan allows hackers to perform many different actions, including: spying on your online activity, accessing and copying your files, modifying and deleting your data, compromising your computer’s performance and even stealing your personal information.

The first rule to follow is always to be very cautious when clicking on suspicious or dubious links and attachments, and to always be wary of the word “free”… the cost could be very high.

So what should we do? Cyber Card #16 provides simple suggestions to follow…


not to become “unwitting” victims of cyber crime.

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