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Cyber Guru Phishing is an innovative and engaging anti-phishing platform based on “experiential learning”, focusing on what is the main point of vulnerability within both public and private organizations today: Phishing.

Thanks to its training programs, Cyber Guru Phishing can increase the protection of individuals and organizations to Phishing attacks. Its unique methodology of continuous training and experiential learning, maximizes training effectiveness in three specific areas:  risk perception, readiness in responding to attacks, and threat awareness.

Modern techniques of Automation and Artificial Intelligence make the platform completely autonomous: the solution creates training programs and therefore implements adaptive simulation phishing campaigns in complete independence.


In order to protect themselves against this phenomenon, every organisation must invest in the 'human factor', training every employee to recognise a Phishing attack.

Since the greatest security threats are often 'lurking' in the inboxes and messaging systems of employees and contractors, every user must be 'personally' trained to recognise the hidden threats. This is the only way to increase the level of defence and reduce the risk of the entire organisation with regard to Phishing.

For this reason, Cyber Guru's Phishing attack simulation campaigns can be tailored to the specific characteristics of the individual organisation and its employees, thanks to personal cyber e-trainers based on artificial intelligence.

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The real strength of the solution lies in its three methodological pillars, used to make Cyber Guru Phishing a fully result-oriented solution with one precise goal: reducing cyber risk.

Continuous training - phishing
Continuous Training

Training users in adjusting their behavior and strengthening their defense to Phishing attacks, while keeping an eye on the constant evolution of attack techniques, requires a continuous training program.

A training program that puts out phishing campaigns with specific and frequent criteria, and specifically targeted for each user's behavioral profile.

The only way to achieve a behavioral transformation is to create a whole new mindset, fully oriented to recognize threats. But how can we achieve such an ambitious result?  By training in perception, readiness, and cognition.

Experiential learning 

Cyber Guru Phishing Training Program is based on experiential learning. The user receives different attacks, with a variable frequency but with continuity:  these attacks gradually become more and more complex and challenging.

Users who fall victim to a simulated attack, are given simple, on-the-spot training content. It is in this precise moment that users learn a lesson: both cognitively, because they formally understand the error, and emotionally, because they experience the negative aspect of having made a mistake that they could have avoided.

Adaptive Process - Phishing
Adaptive process

Cyber Guru Phishing follows an adaptive process that models simulation phishing campaigns and increases training effectiveness, therefore reproducing real cybercriminal attack strategies, and the entire real user experience.

Simulations are automatically customized on user's behavioral profile, following the logic of "personal training", with a methodology that takes into account the ability of every single individual to have the potential to counter-attack.

Every time users fail in the simulation and activate the deceptive action, they are directly exposed to on-the-spot Awareness training content: the content provides details on the type of newly experienced attack, with immediate intervention


For each simulation, the solution will record a significant amount of information, enriching the database of its learning algorithms, that will automatically adapt increasingly accurate attack processes to its target.

The adaptive process works at various levels, conditioning the automatic selection of attack templates for each phishing campaign and the distribution on the target. This selection is based on some variable points: 

  •  End-user profile: required to choose the difficulty and frequency of the next attacks for each user, considering their degree of offensive to them.
  • Templates Ranking: required to prepare the level of difficulty of attacks, calculated not only on static parameters but also on dynamic parameters, for example, observing the click-rate that one specific template has collected in a specific reality. 


The simulated attacks campaigns are at the core of the Cyber Guru Phishing operating scheme. These phishing campaigns work through an "adaptive process" guided by Artificial Intelligence techniques: different targets are presented with customized attacks that reproduce the real experience, using authentic cybercriminal attack strategies.

Each phishing campaign is different from the previous one and the next one, with absolutely no need for human intervention. The learning algorithms select attack templates autonomously, based on criteria enabling maximum training effectiveness.

3 macro phases


The simulated attacks are organized in phishing campaigns which is the result of an adaptive process that selects ideal attack templates automatically, fitting them into the level of the training path.
For this reason, each phishing campaign will be different from the previous one and the next one.


The end-users who are tricked into the simulated attacks are automatically presented with immediate awareness training content, customized to the specifics of the attack template. The "on-the-spot" training intervention maximizes experiential learning.


The Smart Reports, usable through a complete dashboard, go far beyond the simple detection of the average Click-Rate. Thanks to advanced metrics, these reports evaluate the real risk and target its reduction as the program progresses. The solution highlights various metrics both in summary and detailed reports.

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Cyber Guru Phishing reporting is designed to be a precious tool in reducing risk through training. The smart reports do not only expose the phishing campaigns click-rate, an indicator only recording an insensitive trend, but propose specific metrics expressing a clear map of risks and the real effectiveness of the path.

The reports are accessible through a dashboard, offering both real-time view and a historical view, with graphic representations that consistently support comparison and analysis activities.

Cyber Guru Phishing

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