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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Guru Awareness is an innovative, integrated e-learning platform for Cyber Security Awareness. The solution involves the entire organization in a dynamic and stimulating learning process that adapts employees' behavior to meet cyber security risks head-on.

Through an interactive Cyber Security Awareness course designed for staff members not necessarily specialized in technology, both in public and private sector organizations, Cyber Guru Awareness develops a high degree of know-how in order to properly interact with digital technologies and the internet. Increased awareness is one of the main tools for raising the level of security of both individuals and organizations against network threats

In Cyber Security human behaviour is what makes the difference

The platform's objective is to generate a competitive, team-building approach while raising the cyber awareness of each member of the organization. Raised awareness increases each employeeès ability to recognize potential threats and adopt the correct behaviour, thereby strengthening the organization's security as a whole. Increased awareness results in a decreased risk of individuals and organisation becoming victims of harmful attacks of Cyber Crime.


Cyber Guru is improving the security level of many organisations


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A continuous learning pathway

Cyber Guru Awareness is designed to involve the entire organisation in an educational and stimulating learning process characterised by "constant and gradual release" of material:

  • the training engages the participant for a few minutes each week on a continual pathway that maintains high levels of attention through platform interaction
  • all lessons are available in multimedia format with the option to choose between video and text
  • non-technical language has been employed for personnel who are not specialists in Cyber Security
  • each lesson is accompanied by a test that assesses the level of learning each lesson is accompanied by a test that assesses the level of learning
  • the course uses Gamification methodology with accompanying awards and other recognition to stimulate learning and reward excellence
  • it supports team structures that foster friendly competition between internal groups
  • each training module is self-contained and addresses a specific critical topic
  • the platform is available in multiple languages.

Maximise training effectiveness

Each element of Cyber Guru Awareness has been designed to maximise the effectiveness of training time, minimise knowledge loss, and effectively eliminate management costs.

Our approach makes Cyber Guru Awareness the most efficient Cyber Security Awareness platform on the market:

“maximum learning while minimising organisational and economic impact"
Cyber Guru Awareness

Cyber Guru Awareness: engaging e-learning platform


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The Cyber Guru Awareness training course consists of 36 self-directed modules, each dedicated to a specific topic. Each module consists of three 5-minute video lessons followed by a test with 4 multiple-choice questions.

The Cyber Guru Awareness training course consists of 36 self-directed modules, each dedicated to a specific topic. Each module consists of three 5-minute video lessons followed by a test with 4 multiple-choice questions

The 36 modules are organised into 3 skill levels that create a path of continual and progressive learning, designed around the model of gradual knowledge acquisition.

The training course uses gaming techniques that support the creation of internal teams who compete with each other in quarterly "tournaments". Tournaments are decided by the learning performance of all team members upon completion of 3 different modules.


Cyber Guru Awareness gaming

Gamification and Prizes

Cyber Guru Awareness has been structured according to the most advanced training methods based on ongoing training and the application of gaming techniques. The training has been designed to maintain the highest level of engagement:

  • The participant is encouraged to be an active part of the course and his/her commitment is rewarded with virtual prizes (medals and cups) when meeting particular requirements;
  • The team mentality motivates the participant to make the best possible contribution to the performance of the team. Individual awards are transformed into points that improve the team's ranking, making the course an effective team building exercise.

Video Content

The training content is made available through a series of 3-6 minutes videos. The videos employ various graphical techniques to make the content easy to use and quick to learn.

The presence of a narrator using an informal communication style and non-technical language makes the presentation of the content particularly fluid. The actor uses a series of tools to emphasise the most important concepts, including images, superimposed text and a blackboard, ensuring the immediate and timely presentation of key concepts.

Cyber Guru Student Caring

Student Caring

The automatic functions of Student Caring help to encourage user participation, through appropriate communications designed to emphasise certain important steps, such as

  • the activation of the platform, with possible sending of credentials,
  • the availability of a new module, with communications differentiated by user type, training plan participation status and details of the specific level of participation,
  • participation reminders used to motivate irregular or late users.



Cyber Guru Awareness is entirely designed and developed in Italy and is based on training methodologies that take into account the most effective digital learning modalities.

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