Cyber Security QUIZ

The digital world is full of traps that can be hidden even in the simplest actions we perform every day. A world now populated by criminals ready to take advantage of your every 'weakness'.

Cyber  Guru's Security QUIZZES will help you understand how prepared you are to deal with the digital world without running any risks

Measure your awareness with our Cyber Security QUIZ

How vulnerable are you to Cyber Crime?

This 8-question QUIZ measures your level of awareness of cyber threats, to see if your way of interacting with digital technologies is more like Sherlock Holmes or the Pink Panther...

Think you're safe from cybercrime? What are you waiting for? Find out now!

Do you know cyber risks and their terminology?

8 questions to measure your level of awareness of cyber risks and the terminology used to describe them, and to see if you need further knowledge to pass the QUIZ with flying colours or if you are already prepared for the pitfalls of the cyber world...

It's time to put yourself to the test!  Are you ready to measure yourself with the Cyberpedia QUIZ?

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