Do you want to get an effective measure of your Phishing risk?

Overconfidence in new cybersecurity technologies, especially in modern anti-spam systems, risks leading employees to lower their guard against Phishing attacks.

Following the ZeroTrust models, it must instead be assumed that attackers can, despite the huge technological investments made, find the flaws in the anti-phishing system and use them to their advantage. What would happen in this case?

Would your organisation's employees be able to react to a possible phishing attack in the right way, with an effective behavioural profile?



Request a Phishing Risk Assessment

Measure the preparation level of your organisation

Much more than an Ethical Phishing campaign

What is an Assessment?
The Assessment reproduces a real-life situation of a Phishing attack launched on the entire corporate population.

What is the goal of the Assessment?
The objective is to provide a representation of the average level of resistance to Phishing attacks across the organisation.

Who is it aimed at?
The Assessment provides useful indicators for all those with direct responsibility for the cyber security of their organisation.

How long does the campaign last?
The duration of 4 weeks determines the effectiveness of the assessment and its ability to provide a true measure of cyber risk.

What does the campaign consist of?
Over the course of 4 weeks, 10 different templates will be sent out to simulate a Phishing attack.


What will the final result be?
At the end of the activity an aggregated and detailed report on the distribution of Phishing risk will be provided.


Exclusive benefits
At the end of the Assessment activity, customers who sign up for an Anti-Phishing training programme will be able to take advantage of special conditions reserved for customers who have signed up for the campaign. The offer is valid within 90 days of the end of the assessment.

Request a Phishing Risk Assessment 

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