Third Level Modules


In this module, we present some real cases of scams that occurred in the cyber dimension. The primary objective is to facilitate the process of Read more
In this module, emphasis is placed on so-called "combined attacks" involving the interaction of cyber techniques and more traditional techniques such as telephone calls. These Read more
We are once again talking about social media by addressing a particular social crisis, that of cyberbullying. As always, our modules tend to focus on Read more
Let us return to the subject of privacy in more detail and above all highlight the value of privacy and the importance of protecting it. Read more
In this module, we address some legal aspects related to the unconscious use of digital technologies. Copyright infringement, non-compliance with regulations, non-legitimate use of software Read more
Physical security also helps to ensure the protection of individuals and organisations. Physical security refers to the set of measures necessary to prevent unauthorised access Read more
This module focuses on a topic that was only introduced in the first training level. The subject is particularly sensitive, because the risks increase, as Read more
This module focuses on a topic that was only introduced in the first training level. The topic concerns holidays and business trips, because our vulnerability Read more
Keeping devices in a proper state of hygiene helps to achieve greater productivity results, but above all leads to a reduction in information security risks. Read more
Having a proper data rescue and recovery strategy enables individuals, and consequently organisations, to protect themselves from the risk of suffering damage in the face Read more
The entire training course is focused on good practices, understood as virtuous behaviours capable of mitigating Cyber risks. This module summarises the concept by emphasising Read more
At the end of each level (block of 12 modules), we return to the subject of social engineering, and thus to attack techniques that use Read more


The Module is the logical learning unit that allows a specific training topic to be addressed. The training consists of 36 self-consistent modules, which are activated monthly. Full completion of a module and excellent completion of the 3 lessons inside the module, will give user a medal.


The Lesson is the basic unit of learning and is available in both video and text format. Passing a lesson and moving on to the next is achieved by correctly answering at least 3 of the 4 questions proposed in the final learning test. The “excellent” completion is achieved by answering all 4 proposed questions correctly.


The Block is a logical evaluation unit on the quality of learning, and consists of 3 modules. At the end of each block the participant is offered an assessment test consisting of 5 multiple choice questions, the successful completion of which entitles the participant to a Cup if he has acquired all the medals available in the training course.

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