First Level Modules

Innovative, continuous training

social engineering
Social engineering is the mother of all Cyber attack strategies. It focuses on deception and psychological manipulation to pursue fraudulent aims. To make attacks more Read more
Critical scenarios
As we interact with Cyber Space we need to be aware of some critical scenarios: the use of Cloud platforms, business or personal travel, and Read more
The commonplace activity of browsing the internet exposes us to many risks.  A sound knowledge of particular characteristics of websites and browsers can help significantly Read more
malware and ransomware
Malware in general and Ransomware, in particular, dominate headlines that highlight their risks. Employees must understand that anti-virus software alone does not guarantee total protection Read more
e-mail security
Email is an increasingly important tool that plays a central and particularly critical role in our professional lives. Sensitive information can easily be shared through Read more
usb storage
USB storage, as well as all external memory devices, is critical in the battle to protect confidential information. For this reason they are often subject Read more
fake news
Fake News comprises articles containing deliberately fabricated or distorted information, written with the intention of propagating misinformation. They are a dangerous phenomenon, which, if not Read more
mobile app
Mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, are becoming increasingly indispensable and highlight the risky overlap between our personal and professional lives. This module provides the Read more
privacy and gdpr
The introduction of the new European data protection regulations has highlighted the importance of privacy and the protection of sensitive data to organisations. Beyond the Read more
social media
Social Media represents a new mode of socialisation based on the wide possibilities offered by today’s digital technology. But at the same time it constitutes Read more


The Module is the logical learning unit that allows a specific training topic to be addressed. The training consists of 36 self-consistent modules, which are activated monthly. Full completion of a module and excellent completion of the 3 lessons inside the module, will give user a medal.


The Lesson is the basic unit of learning and is available in both video and text format. Passing a lesson and moving on to the next is achieved by correctly answering at least 3 of the 4 questions proposed in the final learning test. The “excellent” completion is achieved by answering all 4 proposed questions correctly.


The Block is a logical evaluation unit on the quality of learning, and consists of 3 modules. At the end of each block the participant is offered an assessment test consisting of 5 multiple choice questions, the successful completion of which entitles the participant to a Cup if he has acquired all the medals available in the training course.

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