Cyber Guru Phishing Demo

Do you want to see a Demo of Cyber Guru Phishing?

Are you interested in the Cyber Guru Phishing solution? The Demo of the solution will help you to understand its special features and its experiential training method in an anti-phishing function.

To request access to the presentation and Demo of the platform, please fill out the Form.

The Demo is aimed at companies who want to evaluate the Cyber Guru Phishing platform to see how well it meets their own needs or those of their customers.



Why choose Cyber Guru's simulation campaigns

Cyber Guru Phishing simulation campaigns, through an 'adaptive process' driven by Artificial Intelligence techniques, reproduce the attack strategies adopted by Cyber Crime, in order to subject the various targets to customised real-world experiences.

For this reason, each campaign has a different composition from the previous and the next, without the need for any human intervention. Based on a criterion of maximum training effectiveness, the learning algorithms adopted by the platform are able to automatically select the attack templates to be used.

The templates are available localised in several languages.


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