Cyber Card #18 – Summer Tips

Card 18 summer tips

Smart working will accompany many workers to holiday locations during this summer. “Smart Holidays” are those places and situations that put together a relaxing holiday location with the perfect remote working condition. Their success derives not only from the extension of smart working, which is necessary to continue fighting the Covid pandemic but also from the desire to escape from increasingly warm city temperatures.

It is now clear that smart working is, in general terms, a way of working that needs to be managed with care to avoid incurring unpleasant cyber risks. This is even more important in a summer context such as the “Smart Holidays”, where it is perhaps easier to get “distracted”.

In this Cyber Card, we provide you with 4 simple rules of conduct to follow in order to maintain a high level of protection, because cyber crime does not go on holiday!

You don’t want to become the next unaware victim of cybercrime, do you?

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